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Leslie Henline

Illness Related School Exclusions


Per USD 402 district policy, any child with vomiting, diarrhea, or fever greater than 100 degrees will be excluded from school, until child is free from symptoms for AT LEAST 24 hours, without the use or aid of medication.

Children may attend school with minor coughs/colds, provided that the symptoms are not severe enough to be a distraction to the classroom environment, mucous is clear, and the child has enough energy to participate in the daily activities of the school day.

If your child becomes ill while at school, you will be contacted to pick up your child, as soon as possible.  Although it is not our intent to put undue stress on working parents, allowing a child with a suspected contagious illness to remain at school, is not in the best interest of the ill child or public health. 

“No person afflicted with an infectious or contagious disease dangerous to the public health shall be admitted into any public, parochial, or private school or licensed child care facility.  It shall be the duty of the parent or guardian, and the principal or other person in charge of any public, parochial, private school, or licensed child care facility to exclude therefrom any child or other person affected with a disease Anyone suspected of a contagious illness will be excluded from school until the expiration of the prescribed period of isolation or quarantine as listed by the KS Department of Health and Environment. If the attending person licensed to practice medicine and surgery or local health officer finds upon examination that the person affected with a disease, suspected of being infectious or contagious is not suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, he or she may submit a certificate to this effect to the person in charge of the public, parochial, private school or licensed daycare facility and such personal shall be readmitted to school or to the child care facility”. (K.S.A. 65-122)

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